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Ivan, Milos

bareback free boy on March 21, 2017

Milos stirred up the next morning to find that Ivan had actually slept over. He wasn't invited to, but whatever. Shrugging it off, Milos went to the kitchen to grab a drink and when he turned around a naked Ivan was in the living room just chilling out. As he made his way in to talk to him he noticed his morning wood was still raging. Before he could say anything Ivan had has lips wrapped around Milos' pole and his head was bobbing away. Seemed to him that having Ivan slumber party was something he should do more often.

Matt Jackson, Will Forbes

bareback free boy on March 19, 2017

After a chance meeting at a European train station, sexy gay studs Will and Matt head back to their private room for some hot cocksucking fun. Unfortunately, neither of the guys has got a condom, so they resolve that it is going to be blowjobs only. Things start off sweet as the guys show off all of their favorite oral techniques and try to get each other to spurt. However, then horny ass slut Will breaks the pact he is so horny that he just has to get it in the butt, whether there is a rubber available or not! Matt bends him over and screws him hard, completely bare back, spitting on his rectum for lube and thrusting him good.

Andrija, Bili

bareback free boy on March 17, 2017

Vlada and Mateja know each-other well. They've been to their fuck-buddies apartments many times before. Today, lust rules and they waste no time in losing themselves in act. Their clothes fly off, and things open up with a slow blowjob to get things going, before couch cowboy and reverse cowboy action! If that wasn't enough, which it never seems to be for these two hard-fucking men; after a little doggy-style, in the heat of the moment they can't resist tasting jizz, and go butt-to-mouth! You won't believe your eyes!

Billy Boyd, Damien, Trevor Michaels

bareback free boy on March 16, 2017

Erik, Vlada

bareback free boy on March 14, 2017

Vlada and Erik are here for a job interview. They both have good resumes and a solid work background. They're both well educated and they also both have lots of volunteer experience. The interviewer had no idea how to set them apart, or at least find which one was better suited to take the position. So he had them both assume the position and just feed it to each other. Get naked and bang the hell out of each other. It was the only fair and equal way he could think of to get these two dudes to show who was going to be better!

Jim Goldson, Moe Curls, Nicolas Gay, Rich Dick

bareback free boy on March 12, 2017

Nicolas Gay invited three of his friends, Moe Curls, Jim Goldson and Rich Dick over to his place for lunch. After they ate they were sitting around the living room talking and having some fun. Nicolas thought Rich looked hot so he leaned over and kissed him. Rich grabbed him and pulled him in and it was on. Clothes started hitting the floor as all four guys got naked then once they were hard cocks got buried deep into each other's asses while dicks got sucked. They collapsed into one giant pile of fucking and sucking until they hit the peak then all four came together.

Jay Lopez, Mark Hansford

bareback free boy on March 11, 2017

Wouldn't you love to have a sexy young twink hanging around the house that you could play with and bang whenever you liked? This older male accosts his young friend as soon as he walks down the stairs, not letting him get past in the hall way but instead pushing the younger stud down onto his knees and sliding his penis into his mouth. At first the twink tries to pulls away, but then he resigns himself to his fate, giving the older stud a sloppy deepthroating. The dominant bear pushes his young bang buddy down onto his face on the steps, parting his rump slowly with his shlong and then ramming the entire length home. This is a hard, nasty fuck!

Ivan, Mateya, Milos

bareback free boy on March 09, 2017

Milos is horny again and he's got just the thing to satisfy his needs today. Mateya is a new dude in town. He's seen him out to some of the clubs and knows he's on the prowl for a quick fuck if nothing else. Ivan's been hard up the last week too, so Milos get's Ivan to help corral the new guy and get him to come back to his place for a little hot lovin'. Mateya is surprisingly easy to convince and they all get back to Milos' place, but don't make it past the living room before they're getting naked.

Billy Boyd, Thomas Bjorn

bareback free boy on March 07, 2017

Andrew Towers, Kelly Breeze, Mark Urban

bareback free boy on March 06, 2017

Mark Urban found himself sandwiched between Andrew Towers and Kelly Breeze. All three got naked then Kelly and Andrew stood up so Mark could suck their shlongs. He blew them both then sat down on Andrew's hard pecker and rode it while he continued to suck on Kelly. Kelly got a little jealous and wanted some of that ass so Mark climbed off, bent over and let him drill him from behind while he orally serviced Andrew. The studs took turns wearing Mark's backside out before they sat him back down and shot their hot, sticky loads of stud gravy all over his face.

Daniel Holdemhigh, Frankie Rattalee, J.T. Asprey

bareback free boy on March 04, 2017

Drew Taylor, Ty Smith

bareback free boy on March 02, 2017

Ty Smith has been aching for a little romance in his life. All he wants to do is share a special moment with his special man Drew Taylor. Drew has never been a romance kind of stud, it just seems like a waste of time to him. He'd rather just bang the night away, rather than build expectations or suspense. When he gets over to Ty's place and finds candles lit and his dude in nothing but boxers he knows right away that he's going to be getting some. But when he has his sit down across from him Drew gets impatient.

Nick Lamar, Tom Cass

bareback free boy on March 01, 2017

It's their first day as soldiers, which means it's also the first day that they can give into their lust for one another! Tom and Nick are two smooth twinks with cocks that need to be pleased, as they lock lips together while stripping each other down until their stiffies are pointing at each other. They each grab a hold of those erect willys and stuff it down their throats, sucking it until every last inch is swollen in their mouths. He bends over for him and lets him push his uncovered cock as deep inside of his tight butt as it could go, and then he's taken from behind even harder until both guys get to drain their dicks on the other.

Eric Evans, Randy White, Tyler Scott

bareback free boy on February 27, 2017

In this hot gay sex clip, we first see two good-looking guys getting to know each other in the lounge. They are sitting on the sofa in front of an unlit fireplace. The room is ebony, mysterious and romantic - just the perfect setting for some hard core backdoor sex! The dudes kiss each other enthusiastically on the lips and then tear off one another's clothes. One dude stands dominantly in front of his bang buddy, who kneels submissively and blows him like a two dollar hooker. Then the cocksucker lies on his back while his friend bangs his rump with a dildo, loosening up that anus for his large, throbbing penis. This is some excellent backdoor!

Jeff RockFord, Kyle Richards

bareback free boy on February 25, 2017

This has got to be the fantasy of many dirty older guys out there! This crafty sports coach keeps one of his favorite students, cute blond college boi Jeff, back after class for some extra tuition. Of course, there's not much sports involved in what this dirty coach has planned - unless you count some hardcore ass fucking! The young twink nervously goes down on the much older coach, taking his wrinkled cock in his mouth and sucking it to a full, thick erection. Then the twink gets down on his hands and knees on the dirty gym floor, pulling down his track pants to have his butt licked and then fingered and fucked by his dirtycoach.

Chett Addams, Ty Grimaldi, Wicked

bareback free boy on February 24, 2017

Isn't it so luscious when good friends cum together! This dirty homosexual has got two of his best friends together for a hot afternoon of threesome mouthing and pounding. He sits on the couch, with one on either side and his arms around his buddies. He sits back in luxury as the horny cocksuckers go down on him, pushing each other out of the way in their rush to taste his tool. Everyone gets naked and takes a turn blowing everyone else's dong, and then the rump fucking begins. Everyone gets rump fucked as they take it in turns once again to penetrate each others' sphincters. The two friends splatter their buddy with their hot cumloads.

Aco, Andrija

bareback free boy on February 22, 2017

There is an interesting role reversal in this xxx gay porn clip, as camp looking twink Bili gets his shaft sucked by sexy and masculine latino man Marko. The dude gets nude on the sofa, with Marko immediately lowering his head to Bili's pink, pallid penis. It's so sexy watching a masculine dude with stubble going down on a hard cock! Then Marko adopts the position, sticking out his butt while crouching on his hands and knees. Bili just spits on his backside and then eases his meatstick head into the brown skinned dude's ass. He quickly starts up a steady pumping, making Marko groan as he gets roughly sodomized. Marko is also keen to swallow!

Antonino Dibraco: South Florida

bareback free boy on February 20, 2017

Im going to be hanging out in south florida tomorrow where its warm, the beach is full, and the ocean is clear. If anyone happens to catch me sunbathing at the nude beaches make sure to give me a holler. Don't be shy, you just might be the one who gets lucky and makes my day. kisses

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Antonino Dibraco: Happy Valentines Day

bareback free boy on February 17, 2017

Whose gonna be my Valentine? That person needs to make me feel special and wanted, and just maybe ill fall in love with that lucky someone. Love is in the air. I Can feel it and cant wait to spend time with my honey this valentines.

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Bobby Sole: Happy Hippo Day!

bareback free boy on February 15, 2017

Today we celebrate the third largest mammal on Earth. Some of us become like it after the candies of Saint Valentine :) Some other are still in time to become if you are sweet enough to them! Happy Hippo Day to all!

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Steve South: Goals

bareback free boy on February 13, 2017

So, I think I have decided on my strategy for the year of 2017.. I do not want to participate fully in all of the contest. After a decent amount of thought I would truly like to focus on daily wins. The daily contest and spending time with you guys is much more important to me then winning the week long contest. I do want to win big in July as it's my birthday month. I'll be focused and trying my best to continue to give as much of myself as humanly possible.. I love you guys and what we do here at flirt4free so much and I wouldn't trade it for anything.. Very happy to be growing closer and closer to the gentlemen that spend time with me in a private room. I'm very used to people being wishy washy in my life so the stability has somewhat restored my faith in the human race... Thanks for the continued support! I'm so grateful and really just blessed.. Lucky. I don't know but I'm happy even when my head tells me I'm not! Ha! My fans have my heart!!

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Dave Hill: My Personality #1

bareback free boy on February 12, 2017

I am really passionate and exciting man. I have an emotional strength and vulnerability which many find to be highly attractive and uniquely sexy. I am also deeply caring and sympathetic lover and I will do anything for a partner whom I am in love with.

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Mario V: My First Day at Web

bareback free boy on February 10, 2017

I was working in the kitchen for some time before i knew about webmodeling .I was not realy sure about switching my profession but my exboyfriend was sure that finaly i will be a web model.BTW i am so exited of my first day.

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Antonino Dibraco: V-day Cumming Upp

bareback free boy on February 07, 2017

valentines day is cumming up guys. I wonder whos gonna be my valentine this year. I have a feeling cupids gonna shoot me right in the ass with his bow and make me fall in love with a lucky person this year. whose it gonna be?

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Ceder Jones: World Travels

bareback free boy on February 05, 2017

So, I guess I'm going to start a blog about this. I have thought about it before and actually started creating a website at one point to document all of my travels but my computer died, so I guess it's time to start it again on here. I hope you all will enjoy my travels throughout the world. At this point I have been to 13(?) different countries and have loved each and every one in its special way... actually that's not true... I did not like 1 of the countries I have been to, you'll have to wait to read all my posts to find out which one... so, in chronological order, the countries I have visited are: USA (born and raised), Mexico, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Spain, UK, Romania, Cyprus, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, France and the Netherlands. I think that's the order anyway... I may have mixed 2 of them up since they were within a couple months of each other and I don't remember which one I went to first at the moment. Anyway, you'll have to tune in next time to see where I have been and what I have done in the US. I have been to 13 states and the District of Colombia. Stay tuned for next time! I really hope you will enjoy them once they are all written. :)good night one and all!

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