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Rocco Steele Interviewed about Bareback Perpetrators

bareback free boy on December 17, 2014 has the top raw daddy cock, 10 inches long and thick enough to leave you gaping, as we bring you the exclusive download of Hot Desert Knights newest release, Bareback Perpetrators. This week we've got a great interview with the Bareback Perpetrator himself, Rocco Steele. In this interview, we asked him the 'ins and outs' of being one of world's top bareback porn stars. And we found out answers to questions no one has ever asked before! Without further ado, we present to you: Rocco Steele!

Q. HeyRocco, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! The first thing we'd like to ask you about is how was your first experience working with HotDesertKnights?

A. I really enjoyed this video a lot. It was a departure from anything I have done to date...and my first leather scene. The location was a sex club and so it added to the appeal and definitely got me into the mood.

Q. What was it like performing in your scene with Brock Rustin? We have heard that he can be quite shy, is that really the case or does he 'open up' once you get him behind the camera?

A. Ha! Brock is NOT shy. But he is a sweetheart and a dear friend of mine off-camera. We have been friends for many years and he is actually like a little brother to me. He has an ass on him and I never get tired of sticking my dick in it.

Q. What inspired you to get into gay porn? Do you have any advice for others who may be thinking about getting into the industry?

A. For me it was a there wasn't really any moment of inspiration. I literally had been asked several times over the years and the answer was always a defiant 'no" but on this particular day when I decided to do my first scene, the planets were aligned and the moment seemed right.

The advice I would give is make sure you have three things: good pics, persistence and thick skin. You need good pics to apply to all the studios, pics that are representative of what you look like today. second, you need to be persistent with all the studios, and if you haven't heard back - keep following up with updated pics. and finally, you need thick skin because this is not an easy industry to be in.

Q. Was performing in bareback porn ever an issue for you?

A. It was and has always been an issue for me. I know there are mixed views on it - and even I have mixed views. I am not a 100% bareback actor and I know people want me to be...but I don’t feel comfortable with that. Starting out, I wanted to be a condom actor but those jobs were not offered to me right away. Now they are. I enjoy representing both bareback and condom porn because as I've said in earlierinterviews, it reflects my personal life.

Q. Your newest film for HotDesertKnights, 'Bareback Perpetrators,' features BIG COCKS galore! I know that you have a lot of fans that love your cock, but how much does other guy's size matter to you in your personal sex life? And how do you find most people react after you pull out your monster?

A. I’m an ass it NEVER matters to me how big a guys cock is. Sometimes I never look at it LOL. I go straight for the hole. I know...I'm a pig.

If guys aren't expecting it, they are pretty shocked and I love watching their reaction. Nowadays most guys know what I'm packing but they still are amazed when I pull it out.

Q. Do you have a favorite porn star that you have looked up to in your career?

A. Not really to be perfectly honest. I have friends in the industry and I admire the ones that can stay level-headed and grounded as they navigate through this. I find ego and narcissism to be unattractive.

Q. In addition to having sex on film, what do you like to do for fun?

A. I’m pretty chill at this point in my life and I enjoy the simple dog, my friends, gym, movies, books etc. I don’t go out anymore. I'm in bed by 11 most nights, even on weekends.

Q. Enquiring minds want to know, is there currently a 'special someone' in your life? If so, what does he think about you filming porn?

A. There is currently no special someone.

Q. What is your favorite position to fuck a bottom in and why?

A. I love to fuck a guy on his back. U can get deeper that way and I can look into his eyes while I'm fucking him. That connection is important to me.

Q. Have you or would you ever consider bottoming yourself on camera?


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Sperm Addicts Episode 1

bareback free boy on December 15, 2014

If your a serious cum addict and you like hot, steamy man juice being pumped up your ass or down your throat or shot all over you, then this is a series you will want to add to your collection. If you like group orgies and gangbangs and the fantasy of having one guy after the next fuck you and feed you his load and breed you with his hot, milky manjuice, then look no further than SPERM ADDICTS. If you like giving it or taking it raw in the dungeon or dark rooms and enjoy load after load from the hottest hardest throbbing pieces of man meat, then SPERM ADDICTS will have you poppin' your load for hours. SPERM ADDICTS features over 60+ cum shots, and nothing but hot raw mansex and non-stop cum oozin' out of hard cocks and hungry whore holes. Whether you call it, cum, spunk, man juice, spooge, jizz or jism, Hot Desert Knights has put it all together, JUST FOR ALL YOU CUM LOVERS, a collection of backroom CUM SHOTS you won't want to miss. Pace yourself and follow along as you watch one hot EXPLODING and SPLATTERING CUM SHOT one after the other! STARRING: Jayson Park, Adam Erickson, Chad Adams, Dean Williams, Will West, David Ford, Jhonathan Gabriel, Billy Twee, Kylthrpig, Ray Butler, Earl Shaft, Edward Edge, Dutchpig, Ivan Fox, Bareback Jack, Bill Marlowe, Walter Faust, Andy Getts, Patrick Ives, Dick Moore, Alan Gregory, Hans Kent, Tim Rains, FiestyCub, Mudpig, Derek Michaels, Noah Mann, Mitch Banning, Ed Diamond, Ray Dalton, Ray Adams, Chico Cabron, Aaron Bunns, Dustin Roller, Earl Howard, Fist Rick, Tony Ryder, Travis Turner, Steve Wiley.

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Gay Bareback

Porn To Be Wild Scene 5

bareback free boy on November 18, 2014

Nothing like some sweat and toil to get horny. Max Born, on the right will top, and Jerry Kaytton, left, will bottom, but both will use their tools to get the job done right. Getting out of their clothes, each takes a turn on the "oral express;" swatting and punching one another as they suck. Both these beasts are hung and swallowing may not be possible, but don't tell either one of these guys. Max then turns Jerry around, "sunny side up." Easing his partner in, the bottom grabs Max's thick cock and checks another thing off his "bucket list." Max hops up on the scaffolding to grab a seat and slide in his meat; Jerry will be riding atop for a while. As he slams down on Max's groin, the bottom's cock helicopters. The pair then lies on their side, Max taking his partner from behind; both secrete and grunt as they continue to grind. Filling up that sweet hole, Max gets close, but it's Jerry who blasts first, all over his furry belly. The top then jerks until he sprays his bottom's hairy hole; damn, time to clock out.

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Porn To Be Wild Scene 4

bareback free boy on November 10, 2014

"Shit, fuck it," I like Dandy Dewayne's attitude. If you can't fix it, have Alex Back suck you off until you bend him over and fuck him. And, just to add a bit of flavor to his mouth, Dandy, the top, tastes Alex. The bottom boy then goes back down on his knees and does some serious cock worship. Both the guys are hot and horny; fuck the equipment, they'll go "manual" on this scene. Pulling his ass cheeks apart, Alex opens wide for Dandy; both seem to like it rough as they smack each other and fuck. Bending over, the bottom has "that machine" working just fine now; both moan in unison as they go. Using his "magic hole," the bottom has Dandy blowing first, as he drips down the "best part" of Alex; a huge load adheres to the bottom's hairy ass.

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Porn To Be Wild Scene 3

bareback free boy on October 19, 2014

Catching these two fuckers working on something hard, gives us the opportunity to "work on something hard" as well. Joshua X, the one with the shadow and the bitch today, is joined by Drago Lembek, the top, who'll be doing all the fucking. Both up and ready for action, they take turns sucking and face fucking one another. Bent over and opening up, Drago uses his finger to widen Joshua's hole. These two muscular studs are really into one another; well, at least Drago is. Changing into various positions, the top pounds away until Joshua starts to moan, and then Drago goes harder. The pair smacks and enjoys the view as Joshua "cowboys up;" the top watches the bottom's hardened cock rock back and forth as he bounces. With their sweaty bodies glistening in the sun, the fuck fest continues with Joshua now on his side. At this angle, the top ball deep, it's not long before Joshua is spewing his load all over his stomach; the thick cream lands and sticks. Drago then follows up with some hot jizz of his own, as he blows it onto Joshua's opened hole.

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Porn To Be Wild Scene 2

bareback free boy on October 09, 2014

Tomm's not a guy you want to bother with, unless you need a hard fucking. When Mayer drops a pallet on Tomm's foot, this boy is "gagging" for it, in this video. Pissed, Tomm grabs Mayer's face and grinds it into his crotch; "scenting" that Mayer enjoys the punishment, Tomm adds some slapping for good measure. Pulling down his pants, Tomm, who'll top, is already hard and shoves his big cock right into the bottom's open mouth. By the time Mayer stands up, the two are ready for some sword play. Trading off with more oral action, both studs are up for something a bit "deeper." Mayer gets on Tomm's cock, like he's hammering in a nail; both their gorgeous muscular bodies flex and redden. Once the bottom turns around, we can see why Tomm's been so "driven;" that sweet ass does enjoy the "hard" work being put into him. Tomm then stands Mayer up, ties him to a post, and rails him; no one fucks like Tomm. From below, the sweaty hot action just keeps on coming, and dripping. Close, the top pulls out and blows his load onto Mayer's gaping hole, then pushes it back in. The bottom boy then spews his jizz onto Tomm's chiseled chest.

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Porn To Be Wild Scene 1

bareback free boy on October 02, 2014

Paul Fresh doesn't mind "moving a rod" for Joshua X, as long as there is "a hole" in it for him. These two sweaty workers take some time to get hard and off. Joshua gives it up, tied to the post, and Paul gets top honors for "work done with a tool." shows us that for these two, sucking, spitting and gagging is just the foreplay. After the blow jobs, Paul bends the bottom over to "salivate" in the beefcake's hole. Slapping and "tenderizing the meat," Paul then goes in and fucks the hell out of the bottom. We get some great close-up and "tight" angles. Don't worry about Joshua's groans; it just helps Paul keep pace. Changing into various positions, these laborers stay hard throughout; Joshua enjoys "scratching" Paul's abs with his cock, before he turns around and "wags his dog." Holding the bottom's hips down, Paul starts to thrust from below and both are on the edge. With a "fuck me baby," the bottom squeezes out every last drop of jizz. The top shoots up from below, back into Joshua's hole and then has his partner "wipe that pole clean."

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Gay Bareback


bareback free boy on September 22, 2014

Who gives a shit about faces? This video is all about the hole and the cocks that service him. Let's just get right into this piggie, all "puckered" and ready. Talk about "out and proud," his bud is looking quite juicy, fuck yeah. Feeding two daddies, this bottom boy has an "endless" appetite. As the camera captures every inch, "inside and out," these three are having a feast, I can smell it now.

Tag teaming the boy, each daddy gets his time and then passes the hole to the other. Watching the gaged rosebud of this bottom from below is a sweet treat. Just as the boy is going to blow, the camera comes up and "shoots." Pleased of the "receiving end," one daddy even licks up the jizz busted. The other daddy now goes in again, and again. Let's just call this an "in-termission;" we're going to be here a while.

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Gay Bareback


bareback free boy on September 17, 2014

The true fuckmasters have arrived, and the play is underway. Only at can you get this much sweat and cock, raw. Choking on a big piece of meat, one guy "fucking takes it," while serving his ass up for some hot rimming. If sloppy scenes are what feeds you, belly up to the trough and get some. These three rotate "in and out" as they suck and rim each other. No need for a napkin here, just let the spit fall where it may.

"Oh fuck yeah," becomes the common anthem in this "oral-athon." As the three fuckers trade out, suck and eat, all are getting their fill, choking it all down. Up on the lift, two guys have the third do "double duty" as he jerks and "hoovers." This scene just goes on and on; don't worry, you'll have enough time to blow and reload. Showing you that a good hole is endless, these men will be back with more.

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Cum-O-Holics II

bareback free boy on September 14, 2014

Back for another round, Blue Baily is the prime piece of meat the other three split. This greedy bottom is all about "shared space," the kind between his legs. "Twerking" his way onto each of the tops, Blue takes turns "milking" them one by one. Bars clanking, dicks wagging, and Blue's hole welcomes them all. With the camera above, we catch all the action and scent of this fuckfest. Pale and "impaled," Blue is a really sloppy boy who doesn't know the word "no." "Aw fuck, take that dick," seems to be Blue's call to duty, although I'd say it's more of a love affair. This boy knows "loads" about what makes meat happy. "Fuck, you're so wet," compliments one of the daddys as Blue goes up and down. Bending the bottom over, the daddys find a welcome spot, warm and wet. As each daddy takes his turn, Blue moans and begs for more. By the time each has had a piece, the last one blows in his opening as a receptacle, letting the rest drip down Blue's taint. When the next daddy jacks and shoots, he uses Blue's natural curves to spill his shipment. The third steps up and goes all in, to that sweat and cum filled cavity. They all then circle around to get "licked off" by Blue as he jacks. Showing his appreciation for the fun, he blows a load that fountains into the air, "good boy."

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Gay Bareback

Philip Pines, Lazlo Cross

bareback free boy on July 03, 2014

J.T. Asprey, Frankie Rattalee, Daniel Holdemhigh

bareback free boy on June 28, 2014

Erec Estrada, Brad Riley

bareback free boy on June 21, 2014

Orion Cross, Erec Estrada

bareback free boy on June 20, 2014

Cum-O-Holics Scene 1

bareback free boy on June 18, 2014

You smell that? Aw shit, we're back in the pit today gettin' some. These fuckers are true cocksuckers and ass annihilators. Suited up in their best leather and chains, every inch of this pounding video has all the best we offer. Enjoy the "gravy train," as the holes are lined up and wetted. In this fuckfest, the lucky bottom boy is Blue Bailey; he'll be served up, spit roasted, choked with cock and given a happy "ending." We got real close on this shoot, didn't want to miss a drop. As Blue gets passed around, his only response, is "yes sir, fuck me;" can't ask for a better bottom than that. Hell, in the end, he even cums on command and splashes everyone's boots. Bent over and servicing while being railed, Blue clinches his hole for everyone to enjoy. As a "thank you" for his abilities, the tops take turns nutting in his "opening." He then responds by cleaning off everyone's cock and using his spit to fire one off, himself.

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Gimme Your Cum 5

bareback free boy on April 18, 2014

Meeting up for a fuck, Fede Xavier, in the cockring, stands as he's blown by Tomas Palmero, in the hot jock strap. Wetting the hole, Fede bends Tomas over and rims him for a taste. After munching, Fede puts his cock where his mouth was, in this very hot video. With the top's tight balls hitting Tomas' hole, the boy moans in delight. Using the bottom's strap for leverage, the top pounds away easily. Wanting to get the flavor of the bottom's dick as well, Fede sucks on the boy, aggressively. He then sits and has Tomas ride a while. Moving the bottom boy into a few different positions, the top continues to plow deep. Close, Fede pulls out and blows all over Tomas' hole, then bends down and eats all the crème. Swallowing Tomas again, Fede is pleased when the boy shoots a huge load all over his face. The pair stand and share a sloppy kiss, well earned.

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Gimme Your Cum 4

bareback free boy on April 17, 2014

In a hotel room, Peko Banda shows a bit of affection to Bahiano Forza. These hot fuckers take time to enjoy one another. With Peko bottoming, Bahiano is on the receiving end of a nice long blowjob. Bending Peko over and checking his hairy hole, the top then slides in and out. The two bounce against one another; seems like the bottom boy wants a bit more thrust for his time. Taking over, Peko has the top sit on a table so he may cowboy a while. Lying back on the arm of a couch, the bottom lifts his legs fully as the top slams in. Watching his partner fuck him, Peko gasps with each stroke. Both are getting close as Bahiano speeds up; Peko grabs his dick and tugs. The bottom calls out, and then spews his jizz. Rolling the boy over, the top fucks a bit more until he leaves his "mark" all over Peko's backside.

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Gimme Your Cum 3

bareback free boy on April 15, 2014

Wanting something to fill the void, Peko Banda gets comfy on the bed with a nice thick dildo. Teasing his ass, and working it in, this hot fucker watches himself pump his own hole hard. Cristian Villasanti walks in with something just as big for our bottom. Peko sucks that huge cock on Cristian and manages it all the way down his throat. These two Latinos are in for a "hole" lot of fun, rough style. Slamming in Peko's hole, balls deep, the top has no intention of slowing down or easing up on the pounding, which is just fine with the bottom. As the camera pans down, we can see the "full intentions" of this pair. After unleashing some serious cock in the boy, Cristian pulls out and strokes until he blows on and in Peko's hole; he shoves his cock back in for the added sensation. The bottom then tugs out a load and is rewarded with a kiss, "que rico!"

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Gay Bareback

Gimme Your Cum 2

bareback free boy on April 10, 2014

Beating on his monster cock, Cristian Villasanti waits and watches his bottom boy, Gerardo Bartok, "cum" into range. Both of these models are hot and horny. Kissing then slobbering on one another's cock, a sexy 69 has the tops shoving his partner's face down onto the "club." The camera stays close as these two know how to warm up the room, and each other. Ready, Gerardo rides atop Cristian and slides down for a fun fuck. Putting his meat where Gerardo's hole is, the top pounds from under and the bottom rocks from above. Twisting around on Cristian's "pole," both seem to like being close; the top slams all in and all the bottom keeps saying, is "yes, do it." Changing positions, it's the missionary style that finally brings out the cum in Gerardo; he blows all over his happy trail. With a little extra pounding for good measure, Cristian then pulls out and streams his load all over the bottom's hole, and feeds Gerardo a finger full of the jizz.

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Gay Bareback

Gimme Your Cum 1

bareback free boy on April 08, 2014

Self-servicing Diego tugs away until he gets a better offer. In walks Gastonix with a cock that could service a team. No "hola" needed here, just a "hole-a" for Gastonix to put that huge cock. Rimming Diego is part of the prep and both enjoy the sensation, right before the top slides in deep. Pounding from the get go, this "pitcher and catcher team" is a hot fuck and one of's best. Pulling out, the top needs to blow a load and does so all over the bottom's back; he then feeds Diego the jizz and gets back to pounding. Still hard, the top goes back in for seconds. From below, the action is as tight as it gets. The guys then change to a missionary position on a nearby table and all they keep saying is "yes," as Diego begs for more cum. With the top's balls slapping happily, the bottom takes him all in. Telling Diego to "sit on it," Gastonix sits as the boy slides down and bounces; he slaps himself a few times to stay on task. Moaning, the top is close again; one more position, and Gastonix pulls out to "sweeten" Diego's hole. With a tasty treat, Diego also "candy-coats" Gastonix's face.

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Gay Bareback

Fist Fortunate Chapter 1

bareback free boy on April 07, 2014

Are you a fan of the good ol' days of continuous incestuous fisting orgies and never-ending HDK dungeon parties, well get ready to grease up your pig-hole, as you pop in this DVD and ride the biggest toys and talented biceps on the planet, 'coz these FIST FORTUNATE men punch fist and double fist, again and again 'til your squealing for joy. These guys do hand and a dick, and go not only double fist wide, but they'll reach for the elbow and rub the popping bicep against fist-filled ass cheeks. Trust us this one's gonna hurt! THE FIST FORTUNATE features 28 hot and hard guys, including many HDK favorites, and some never before viewed moments of "lost arse-ives", in one full length feature film, of endless hungry pig-holes being fist-fucked to the max in the infamous "HDK Dungeon!" STARRING: Steve Dragon, Will West, B.D. Wyder, Mitch Banning, Eagerboy, Billy Twee, Ray Butler, Earl Shaft, Geoff Stallings, Dutchpig, Ken Michaels, Walter Faust, Lance Hancock, Jack Hammer, Hans Kent, Tim Rains, Steve Hurley, Larry Wolf, Kevin Scott, Earl Howard, Fist Rick, Travis Turner, Derek Michaels, Noah Mann, Dean Williams, Chad Adams, Steve Parker, Steve Wiley.

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Gay Bareback

Jamie Lee, Steve Strong

bareback free boy on March 02, 2014

You only have to look at blond twink Steve to know that he is a submissive cocksucker who loves to get fucked in the ass! There's a new, hot, straight acting man on the cruise ship, so Steve wastes no time in luring him to his cabin after their work is done for the day. As soon as they are in the room, Steve pulls down Jamie's pants and starts working his pole. It's an amazing blow job, because Steve has got years of shaft slurping practice and a hot, firm mouth! His mouth isn't the only thing that's firm, and Jamie is soon balls deep in the blond twink's rectum. The shitty dick goes back in his mouth so Steve can swallow the load.

The Fuck-A-Thon: Chapter Two

bareback free boy on March 01, 2014

Are you a fan of the good ol' days of incestuous orgies and large HDK bareback dungeon parties, which seemingly started a bareback revolution? Well if you're not familiar with them or never got the opportunity to be a part of one, then here's our special tribute to those amazing bareback days! Over 100 minutes of re-mastered and completely re-edited bareback archives of the hottest, steamiest, and rawest moments ever put together on video. FUCK-A-THON features 15 hot and hard guys, including many HDK favorites, and some never before viewed moments of "lost arse-ives", in one full length feature film, of endless fucking, and spewing of cum, from the infamous "HDK Dungeon!" Never before in the history of bareback porn has a dungeon party displayed so much incredible manly testosterone and raw incest as seen in this seemingly never ending FUCK-A-THON. If you are into orgy scenes and sex parties, you've got to order this video and invite your friends over tonight! Cum... chains... leather... hard cocks and dripping assholes from the first minute of this video to the last! A HDK Special Bareback Party Edition not to miss. Starring Ray Butler, Chad Adams, Rob Edwards, Eagerboy, Mitch Banning, Dutchpig, Geoff Stallings, Trey Maddox, Daddy Ken, Kevin Scott, Rex Thomas, Steve Hurley, Rob Wright, Bob Lowe & Steve Wiley.

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Gay Bareback

The Fuck-A-Thon: Chapter Four

bareback free boy on February 27, 2014

As the men spread out and work on their boys, the sound of chains and leather echoes through the dungeon or "play pen." All of these horny fuckers are out to spunk and spew for you. Standing back and watching this feast, they are giving it their all; smells like "team spirit." With some hot, close-up video of holes and poles, these grunts and giving us plenty to moan about; one daddy ask, "you like that?" I automatically answer, "yes." The below footage needs no description, just more lube. As boys beg while servicing their tops, the camera goes around getting every inch, mind the cock rings. Begging for every drop, one piggy is fed his fill of jizz and then fucked again, lucky boy. Another hole is getting a pounding he will be feeling for days. With some of their daddies cumming, their loads can be heard and smelt; great angle on the camera, "drip, drip."

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Gay Bareback

Alex Junior, Ivan Silveira

bareback free boy on February 25, 2014

A young guy is sitting at the beach one day when he spots an extremely attractive lifeguard in the signature red swimming trunks. The lifeguard swims powerfully through the surf, practicing his techniques. The dude who is watching enjoys the rippling of the lifeguard's muscles as he jogs past him on the beach, back towards the clubhouse. The other stud barely hesitates before he follows him into the shower block. Soon the stud has the lifeguard's trunks down around his ankles while he suckles on that luscious brown dong. The guys give each other some hot oral 69 before the lifeguard bends the other guy over for a passionate anus pumping.